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Ethicool Kids' Books

Ethicool is a publisher of kids' books for the progressive generation.

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Client: Ethicool Kids’ Books


Creative writing for brand positioning

“The child who lost their name was beautiful; they gathered the letters dutifully and truthfully, and they made friends and meaning along the way. So, too, did the giraffe, as he danced entranced under the wise light of the moon, hooves in flight and alive in the night-time stage of the jungle.

We're not out to replace this fun and enchantment, but to augment the typical realm of kids' books with the themes that are hard to talk to children about, but even harder to ignore. We want to support the raising of a generation of kids who'll grow up to change the world.

Our kids' books will face head-first into the heavy-hitting challenges of climate change, single-use plastic, same-sex relationships, toxic masculinity and racism... and a whole lot more. And they'll do it in a way that creates engaged and impassioned kids, the kind that will be prepared to lead the charge for a better world.”

Partner image from  Ivars Krutanis .

Partner image from Ivars Krutanis.

Partner Image from  Sacha Styles .

Partner Image from Sacha Styles.