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Photographic Artistry by Stu French

Design, in all its manifestations, is my lifeblood. I thrive on the catharsis that is cramming all my creative thinking into a single photographic image; fluidly forming the composition, embellishing it with light, and respectfully refining the outcome through gentle post production. I have, though, for more than 15 years, gravitated toward specialist photography of architecture and landscape garden design. I believe that both are the ultimate expressions of design at scale, and it’s the challenge of thoroughly representing this through photography that has fueled my particular interest in this area. Although based in Melbourne, I have shot worldwide, and remain open to engagements at any corner of the earth. You can reach out to me here.


Award-winning Dinner Plain home, Under The Moonlight, crafted by Giovanni D’Ambrosio.

Under the Moonlight | Alpine Country House

Under the Moonlight” in the Victorian High Country was designed by famous Roman architect, Giovanni D’Ambrosio, and is an architectural hallmark of the small town of Dinner Plain, near Mount Hotham.

Angular and commanding, yet paradoxically subtle in the way it is grafted into the alpine landscape, Under the Moonlight offers a gentle fusion of organic materials with bold structural steel, and was a riot to photograph.

The evening light of alpine summer held hands with the architecture of the trees, further embellishing the confident outlines of the structure and the eclectic tones bound in the array of complex stonework.

You can view further images from the shoot by clicking here.

Chateau de Biron | Dordogne, France

Château de Biron is a castle in the French commune of Biron in the valley of the Lède, within the Dordogne region of Southern France. Biron was held by Cathars in 1211 and taken by Simon IV de Montfort the following year.

Its structure today is a conglomeration of changes, amendments and augmentations made over a number of centuries, and yet it remains one of France’s best-preserved medieval castles.

I was fortunate enough to be engaged to photograph it at the tail end of a very hot and dry French summer, where the stark light collected and embellished its many centuries of endearing imperfections.

Chateau de Biron is a stunning twelfth-century castle in southern France.

Kew | Landscape Garden

Texture-rich and manicured to perfection, this Kew landscape was constructed by Innovative Exteriors and captured by me on a hot afternoon in early autumn.

The matte bluestone paving made for an engaging contrast against the rich tones of the pear trees that forge a definitive perimeter around the property.

Some highlights from the remainder of this landscape garden shoot can be viewed here.