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— Leading wordsmiths and architecture photographers, specialising in brands that produce bespoke design.

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We’re fond of all things creative, but have a particular leaning toward architecture photography and digital copywriting.

We write with an abundance of thought, shoot with a creative bent, and engage with a transparent agenda. We believe there is not a simple intersection between visual design, imagery and content, but a seamless overlapping of all three.

Our service was born from a combined two decades in senior executive creative roles, making waves against the tide of corporate brands. We have since emerged from the sea foam, salt-dried but invigorated, telling our story through the melange of words and images that we foster for our clients.


Copywriting & Content Marketing

— by Teigan Margetts (BA, B. Comm, MA Mkt)

  • Editorials

  • Website copywriting

  • Digital marketing

  • SEM/SEO & content marketing

  • Branding

  • Instructional content

  • Editing

  • Media and press releases

Photography & Creative Content

— by Stu French (BA Hons. B. Comms.)

  • Architecture photography

  • Product photography

  • Landscape photography

  • Private & commercial poetry

  • Creative writing

  • UI & UX Design

  • Service design