What is this “Website Content Strategy” to which we afford so much importance as to award it proper noun status? Well, it is the blood that travels in the veins of your website and the tone of voice with which your brand speaks to its audience. Content is the medium that tells your story, illustrates your service offering, and colours-in the templated framework of your website.

Our commitment at Fond Digital is that we plan, develop and execute some of the finest content strategies on earth. We live for engaging content, as well as by engaging content, for it is the bulk of our daily work, and an element of our digital portfolio for which we receive the most praise and exert the most creative energy.

What makes us special is the breadth of our website copywriting abilities, our appreciation of the fact that personality is the driver of distinction, and our belief that, of all things in need of planning, content strategy is eternally the most worthy.

Content is the currency of the digital era, and the strategy behind it is what dictates its worth

Fond Digital Agency
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We vow to navigate a course for your brand using a voice that is its own, a collage of words that embellish its character, and a collection of images that project its aspirations.


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Foundational Content Strategy

  • End-to-end content strategy development for new websites
  • Holistic content refreshes and re-purposing
  • Sales-focussed content for ecommerce and online sales
  • Content roadmapping for blogging and social media
  • Content auditing and competitor analysis

SEO Content Development

  • Product and service descriptions
  • Landing page content development
  • Internal and outbound link strategies
  • Keyword research and keyword density
  • SEO content refreshes and planning

Content Optimisation & Personalisation

  • Content testing and conversion rate optimisation
  • Personalised and contextually-targeted content
  • Content harmonisation and user flow optimisation
  • A/B & multivariate testing of landing page content
  • Regionalisation of multilingual content strategy


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