Fond Digital is an established web design agency founded by digital executive, Stuart French, and is headquartered in Parkville, five minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. 

Creative minds at heart, our passion is pure design, and our website portfolio illustrates the breadth of our creative reach, with experience managing digital touch-points for small business clients, right through to major enterprises, such as the University of Melbourne.

We believe the finest web designs are those which offer a seamless fusion of text and image, where brands’ personalities are humanised, and where purpose and clarity of message shine through.

And, encapsulating our creative aspirations, is our foundational understanding of user experience (UX). Our websites offer fluid and engaging navigation, perennially utilise responsive design, and deliver an effective cross-device browsing experience, ensuring Melbourne brands are placed under the finest of digital lights.

Web Design Melbourne

Our established Melbourne web design office specialises in end-to-end digital solutions, from forging the founding digital presence of new brands, to guiding and reinforcing the digital strategy of established and robust enterprise clients. We specialise in modern, full-screen, WordPress development. We listen to your requirements with intent, ask the right questions, and always deliver premium results.

Your digital growth story is our inspiration, and our guiding hand is the driving influence.

Ecommerce Melbourne

So flush with options is the Melbourne ecommerce market that identifying the right digital partner can be a turbulent journey in itself. We aim to smooth the road through offering a broad suite of online sales options, ranging from start-up focussed solutions (where we advocate OpenCart software), to fully-integrated enterprise-standard Magento packages.

By harmonising product, brand, and user experience, our ecommerce websites are major conversion-drivers.


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Responsive Web Design Melbourne

Web designers can no longer talk “user experience” without delivering a responsive design layout on each and every one of their projects (yet some still do!). Well-executed responsive design ensures a consistent browsing experience across all device types, through the seemless manipulation of the website templates, text, and imagery.

With premium user experience at our core, every website we produce delivers a unified responsive design experience.

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