Data is our delicacy. We devour it.

There are a long list of reasons the digital era has revolutionised business. For a start, it’s made it infinitely easier (and more cost effective) to reach customers, and, yeah, it’s also made a lot of people a lot of money. At the centre of this success story, though, is data.

Performance Reporting

Data isn’t boring. It’ll make you money. Advanced utilisation of web analytics tools will deliver immensely detailed insights about your audience and their interactions with your website.

Data is king in digital. We can make sure it drives you in the right direction.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

A/B and multivariate (MVT) testing are used to compare and test the effectiveness of different web content to improve your site’s performance.

We can lead your optimisation strategy and implementation, using market-leading tools from Google & Optimizely.

Ecommerce Analytics

Conversion (the ratio of orders:visits) is perhaps the most important metric when selling online, as it’s an instant guide of your online shop’s performance.

The shopping cart and checkout funnel should be the focus of detailed ongoing attention if your goal is to succeed.

Drive my data

Never, ever before has information on brands, clients and customers been so easy to capture, record and maintain. And, as a direct result, never has it been so easy to drive genuinely data-driven decision making, and to optimise the strategy and investment behind all marketing initiatives. Almost every single thing in the online space can benefit from data and actionable insights: web designers and developers can use web analytics data to guide how they structure their pages, digital marketers can use data to dictate how and where to place their advertisements in order to drive the best conversion rates, and content strategists can monitor the success of their material across web pages, social media and blogs alike.

Web analytics is the digital currency. We’ll help you crack its code.

Fond Digital

Simply put, what this all means is that if you’re not taking advantage of the data that’s available to you, you’re simply not maximising the online potential of your business, and you’re leaving the door wide open for your competitors to capitalise on your missed opportunities. This is where we step in. Offering a unique combination of creative and technical ability, our team can forge your data strategy from scratch, across social media, web, mobile, search engines, and even map all of this to offline activity. We can automate the distribution of dashboards to track the performance of your online business or company website, and we can also roll this data up into visually-appealing infographics to ensure everyone pays attention. We want to spread the data-driven agenda throughout the digital space, starting with your business, so if you’re eager to see just what you’re missing, you know what to do.

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