User experience is so much more than the mere development of an effective and engaging website user interface. It is the subtle fusion of carefully curated text and image, in accordance with a digital strategy that is led by purpose and personalisation.

What we do as a UX agency is define the user experience, we unearth the eccentricities of brands and place them under lights. Through our digital copywriting, we create voices that resonate with purpose and meaning, and through our crisp and clean user interfaces, we illuminate the content that matters, liberating each and every key element.

UX is emotion. It is the bespoke and handcrafted touches that create memorable digital encounters for users; the kind they share, promote and relate to.

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This is what we do. We are Fond. We define UX, while UX defines us.


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General User Experience Design

To be different without being difficult. Curious without being cumbersome. Engaging without being overbearing… UX is all about striking a balance. It is the art of understanding the passions and predilections of the audience and shaping an experience that meets them wholeheartedly.

Our digital agency is eternally buoyed by our passion for user experience design. What we do is different in all the right ways, yet familiar where it matters. We design websites that bear the mark of our appealing eccentricities, and develop content that weaves a seamless look and feel. If your search is for a world-class user experience design agency, then your search has ended here.

User Experience for Ecommerce

The infinite challenge of replicating the offline experience through digital touchpoints is the core focus of the world’s leading online stores. To recreate the emotion, advice and accessibility of traditional retail inside the digital sphere is a task that many agencies underestimate.

We approach this challenge objectively and with a balance of logic and creativity. What we do is draft an end-to-end buying journey for your products and services, and architect the means by which this can be realised online, whilst retaining passion, intrigue and a sense of occasion. Our ecommerce user experience is first-rate, and return business and conversion rates are the first cabs off our rank.

Mobile User Experience

Admittedly, it’s not long now until this “mobile” buzzword is merely rolled into the general UX process… But, for now – and largely because many businesses still see it as a whole new challenge in itself – it can have its very own spiel right here. So let’s cut to the chase – here’s what we do…

We isolate the pure intentions of the mobile user, carving out a user interface (UI) that maximises relevance and ease of use. We make data-driven decisions, based on web analytics statistics from mobile usage of your desktop website and we use these to design a UI that is evidence-based and navigationally-focussed. What we create offers pure and purposeful browsing outcomes, delivering results to users quickly and fluidly, which is just what they’re looking for.

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