SEO with a literary spin.

SEO copywriting is a widely-touted but narrowly-understood medium, involving the measured fusion of search engine friendly keywords with purposeful and valuable copy… So, with words at its heart, it’s naturally a Fond interest.

Our small but eclectic team of literary evangelists handcrafts some of the world’s finest SEO copywriting, exuding purpose, creativity and professionalism.

Teigan Margetts
Director, Fond Digital

I welcome words


Many digital agencies claim to hold the literary craft dear, but in reality, it is merely a service which they skew to the side of their broader digital offering, dragging it, begrudgingly, to the fore when they feel it may yield further commercial gain. At Fond Digital, though, website copywriting accounts for some 70% of our business and 99% of our digital passion. With SEO copywriting and ecommerce copywriting resting at the core of our offering, we are inspired by enhancing user experience and SEO through the use of carefully curated words.


Our SEO Copywriting service encompasses the following literary gems:

  • Foundational keyword research, ensuring the right keywords are targeted, based on their competitiveness, their relevance to your brand, and their historical search trends across Google and Bing, as well as other primary search engines;
  • Genuine, impassioned, and engaging copywriting, which lures readers in, rapidly converting them from prospects to paying customers;
  • Sales-focussed copywriting for ecommerce websites, which hones in on product features and benefits, whilst also seamlessly weaving in product-relevant keywords;
  • Unique, memorable, and shareable blog copywriting, which provides value and relevance to users, yet also brings comprehensive SEO benefits;  
  • Long-term content strategy, which is harmonised with keywords and keyword density, boosting SEO longevity, whilst also providing businesses with a cohesive road map;
  • Training, templates and creative direction that frame your copywriting future, allowing you to support your own content strategy and search engine performance.


It is always important to remember that the core interest of Google’s natural/organic search team is to deliver quality content to its users. Websites that cram poor-quality, keyword-stuffed content into their pages may achieve short-term search engine results, but they are guaranteed to progressively fade from the rankings, as no users will share their material, and no genuine and naturally-occuring SEO backlinks will be formed. Google, and increasingly Bing, too, is exceptionally good and identifying content quality, and these days, it is impossible to perform well within a competitive keyword environment without a proper SEO copywriting strategy, focussed equally on value and stability, and backed by relevance and strategic thinking.

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