Brands. They’re talked about by customers, explored by critics, and poured over by executives and their teams. Or, alternatively, they’re just left to float along in the abyss, to eventually deflate, dissolve, and disappear… We’re here so the latter never happens.

Some brands are almost infinitely buoyed, as if injected with helium; others rise and fall gradually, or accelerate and decelerate with the seasons. And some brands do all of this and more.

The greatest brands, be it known, are those with personality: the ones with a voice that is theirs; a palette of colours that they wear; and a story that adds sentences often, and chapters on welcome occasions. At Fond Digital Agency, it is these brands that we create, these brands which we inflate, and these brands whose stories we work to write, and colours we illustrate.

Teigan Margetts
Director, Fond Digital

Buoy my brand

What makes our digital agency special is its eternal grasp on the intricate process of brand management. Every task undertaken by our Melbourne and Hobart offices is done so with branding considerations at front of mind. This process has become so deeply embedded in our organisational culture because each and every member of our team harbours creativity at their core. And it is creativity that shapes, defines and refines the finest of brands.

We specialise in:

Brand Creative

Every brand has a personality at its core, and unique differentiators that can be illuminated through design, evoking¬†meaning and intrigue. The creative elements and bespoke touches are the critical enablers of this process, and its these that are our passion. We’re a design-focussed, “silent ambassador”, capable of amplifying your creative voice, and distinguishing your brand from its competitors.

Brand Strategy

Creating a brand and laying a robust foundation for its development is a heavy commitment, which gains ever more weight as your business grows and gains momentum. Strategic planning can be a laborious and confusing process, wherein it is difficult to remain objective. With focus and clarity of mind, we can identify brand objectives, define their foundation, illustrate their form and purpose, and make them a lasting reality.


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Brand Communications

Words are the lifeblood of brands and the critical medium that dictates how your business projects itself, and how it responds to clients and competitors alike. Maintaining communicative frequency, through written, spoken, and digital activity, is a critical step toward ensuring your products and services gain the spotlight, reinforce their underpinnings, and retain lasting relevance. From press releases to media launches, we can expose you to it all.

Digital Branding

Social media, blogging, article management, content maintenance, user experience, user interface design, website copywriting, and the list goes on… Each of these elements contributes to digital brand perception and the feelings and emotions of the user. It’s about being memorable, distinguishable, relevant and everpresent; and the right manipulation of digital touchpoints is what creates brands that last, and brands that lure loyal subscribers.


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